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GE Power aims to improve its its O&M manual’s delivery process to its customers to reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction.


Today, it is critical for power companies to innovate, reduce time to market and operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. O&M manuals have a strong impact on business risk, customer satisfaction, and revenue recognition, needing high accuracy for ensuring high engineering quality and preventing rework. GE faced an onerous task with delivering O&M Manuals for ~100 large projects each comprising of 50–70K pages and for ~350 small projects with ~2–5K pages each. The content was often incomplete, inconsistent, and vague. It was difficult to search content for a specific system or equipment, leading to wastage of time.



TCS architects a digital foundation for world-class GPS site documentation processes.


TCS provided a Predix* based digital solution, with a single, global, digitized process for all content authoring & publishing.

We provided a platform for streamlining the process as well as reduced the internal cost for document creation, review, publishing, and delivery to the customer. Our approach was to focus on the structure for consistency and completeness. We delivered exactly what was needed, eliminating unnecessary elements. We enabled a shift from product to plant focus by implementing Plant System Architecture.

Our solution enabled compliance and comprehensive risk mitigation. The state-of the art search functionality resulted in quicker access to the relevant information ensuring complete customer satisfaction. By creating a consistent look-and-feel, we ensured high brand visibility. We provided a Predix based solution that can be enhanced in future to integrate industrial data, and predict outages in advance.

We created a modernized interface to ensure information availability 24x7. Our solution was modular by design, so that GE Power could easily adapt and scale to meet future needs.


We achieved over 20% reduction in rework effort.

what made this happen


Read how TCS’ solution leverages an AI/ML framework & acquires real-time energy data to help enterprises reduce energy consumption & become more sustainable.


As businesses prioritize green products, TCS’ solution helps them achieve supplier sustainability, ESG and SDG priorities, efficient carbon management, and a circular economy.

TCS’ Machine Vision platform addresses the need for utilities’ automation and standardized asset inspection and utilities vegetation management to cut costs.