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Northern Powergrid shifted its staff to remote working platforms amid a nation-wide lockdown.


A nation-wide lockdown across the UK due to the pandemic presented Northern Powergrid with the unprecedented challenge of moving its employees involved in critical desk-based operations to remote working platforms. TCS worked closely with Northern Powergrid to identify and quickly implement secure technical solutions enabling Northern Powergrid to access critical desk-based systems remotely.



TCS deployed remote working and ergonomic solutions to ensure business continuity.


TCS supported Northern Powergrid's remote working operations during COVID-19 as well as cyclones, which affected the TCS delivery centers with its Secure Borderless Workspace™ solution and an ergonomics advisory tool. With SBWS, TCS procured numerous additional laptops on a fast track basis for the customer’s employees. TCS also implemented a secure, robust technical solution on Northern Powergrid’s premises.

Besides the SBWS solution, TCS also supported Northern Powergrid in addressing new ergonomic challenges around remote working operations. The TCS WeCare advisory tool was proactively developed within two days for the customer’s employees. Designed with agility and flexible configurations, WeCare offers ergonomic tips periodically in the form of animations and provides notifications and links from Northern Powergrid


“The excellent response in setting up the emergency laptop stock and support with the NPg home working solutions for social distancing is greatly appreciated.”

Nigel Foster, Head of IT Operations, Northern Powergrid


Northern Powergrid ensures business continuity by allowing its employees to work remotely


Northern Powergrid was able to expand its remote working capability by providing them with 200 laptops over two weeks. Further, the ergonomics tool is helping its employees to stay healthy.

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