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Power utility delights customers by using state of the art technology investments.


The West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) needed a mechanism to effectively redress the complaints of its sizeable customer base in order to meet the key objectives as listed in the Government of India’s Accelerated Power Development Program.

WBSEDCL sought to track zone-wise consumer data, manage customer relationships better, and ensure speedy issue resolution, while aiming to increase the accountability of field staff.

With 478 supply offices across the state,WBSEDCL needed a solution provider who could ensure high uptime and rapid fault resolution.



TCS integrates customer information and field systems to redress customer complaints.


TCS’ complaint redressal system created a central data warehouse for each of the 478 supply offices. By using an Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, we created complaint dockets, and then fed this data to the zonal call centers.

This way, when the call center executives received complaints on their centralized toll-free number, alerts were automatically sent out to the field technician and a mobile service unit. Issues that were not resolved on time were automatically escalated.


“Service time reduced from six hours to less than one hour.”

Anirban Guha, Director, WBSEDCL


Our system captured data on the health of the distribution network which enabled Management Information Systems (MIS) and Business Intelligence (BI) reports on customer billing, outage, and system status.

what made this happen


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TCS’ Machine Vision platform addresses the need for utilities’ automation and standardized asset inspection and utilities vegetation management to cut costs.