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Cloud-driven preventive maintenance of pipeline assets.


Oil and gas pipeline integrity breaches can cause serious problems that affect climate and human life. Given the vast and aging pipeline infrastructure, constant surveillance of the pipeline systems using traditional methods like land-based surveillance and aerial sorties is both difficult and expensive. Pipeline operators spend USD 1.6 bn for evaluating, inspecting, and maintaining the integrity of the pipeline systems.


Satellite imaging is a safe and terrain-independent solution that helps customers with round-the-clock surveillance of their enterprise assets. Not only is this system accurate, convenient, and eco-friendly, but it also reacts proactively to risk throughout the supply chain.

and change detection algorithms.

Our solution:

  • Automatically triggers alerts around enterprise assets, which are facing a problem.

  • Enables integration with automated business processes to provide real-time actionable apps, portals, and visualization.


  • Provide unmatched visibility and location precision for pipeline consistency

  • Prevent unnecessary shut-downs to achieve near 100% pipeline utilization

  • Reduce costs by up to 3000 USD/hour spent on aerial inspection

  • Allow proactive asset management with a clear view of operations, maintenance, and safety

  • Decrease cost and time associated with monitoring non-instrumented assets significantly

  • Provide engineering excellence and accuracy in detecting change

  • Provide digitized, analyzable, and easy-to-integrate solutions

  • Offer huge potential for re usability in other areas

PREDIX is a trademark of General Electric Company.


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