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As Europe gears up to become climate neutral as part of the European Green Deal, ENGIE, a global energy company, is meeting this objective by empowering its customers in Belgium with smart energy products.

TCS, which has a 15-year relationship with ENGIE, helped it realize its carbon neutral objective and transition to zero carbon by building a strong digital foundation using the agile methodology. 

Thanks to our contextual knowledge of the customer’s business and the industry, TCS could help ENGIE build a strong digital foundation, transition to zero carbon, and enabled the customer to further digitize its customer interactions. We helped ENGIE move from Silence in IT to Symphony in IT by using the agile methodology, bringing in enhanced cohesiveness between business and IT.

By partnering with TCS, ENGIE is able to offer its customers smart energy products, which allows them to monitor and manage their energy and water consumption in real time.

ENGIE is able to:

  • Lead the zero-carbon transition across the world.
  • Offer integrated solutions that are smart, intelligent, efficient, and powered by green energy.
  • Digitize customer interactions.
  • Help customers track and manage their energy consumption in real time.
  • Ensure better integration of IT and business operations using agile so they can deliver projects faster.

TCS Helps ENGIE Transition to Zero Carbon

We are embarking on our journey to offer integrated solutions-as-a-service. The solutions are smart, intelligent, efficient, and powered by green energy. We rely on our customers expertise in infrastructure and on our proximity with our customer to offer these best solutions. TCS is certainly a trusted partner for all the IT services and support through our development.

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, ENGIE