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Prasanna Iyengar

Consulting Partner, Retail Supply Chain, TCS

Dheeraj Shah

Global Head - Business Transformation and Supply Chain Management, Retail, TCS


Enabling a cockpit approach to view, manage, and improve operations

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of complex global supply chains. To transform quickly into a strong and an autonomous chain, the sector must learn from the control tower in the airline industry that provides real-time visibility and decision-making capability.

The modern retail supply chain will benefit from a control tower-driven approach by continuously considering intricacies and dependencies across parameters. The resilient supply chain must also be driven by intelligent alerts and scientific interventions.

A control tower supply chain implies:

  • 360-degree intelligent view of all entities in the chain
  • Smart decision support with tailored scenario modeling and contingency planning
  • Cognitive decision automation

The supply chain control tower must gradually become the cockpit from where the retailer is able to view, manage and improve upon all aspects of the chain.

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About the authors

Prasanna Iyengar
Prasanna has over 15 years’ experience as an industry advisor for global retailers, specializing in supply chain and logistics.
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Dheeraj Shah
Dheeraj has over 23 years of experience and is a trusted business advisor for top global retailers. He hasbeen instrumental in conceptualizing and developing solutions for supply chain, forecasting, operations,fulfilment, logistics and workforce management
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