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The Ideas Issue – Edition 4

Our enterprise focus can be seen in this “Ideas Issue” of Quartz Magazine. From Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) being launched by countries the world over, to NFTs that create a new way of storytelling for brands, we anticipate a breath-taking array of enterprise use cases for Quartz - The Smart Ledgers.

This edition also covers the most recent Quartz Live webinar featuring Amit Mahajan, CTO of CSDL and Blair Canavan, Senior Business Development Manager, Thales discussing the launch of a decentralized ecosystem for bond market participants and foundation of digital trust on blockchain implementations. The magazine covers:

  • The Ideation Factor
  • From the Editor
  • Quartz Live - Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. and Thales
  • Roche - Automated End-to-End Payments with Cross-Industry Blockchain
  • Preparing for the Future of NFTs
  • The CBDC Vision
  • Takeaways from the ISSA Workshop and Conference
  • d-ID: Decentralized Identity Ecosystem
  • How to Secure Enterprise Blockchain
  • TCS Quartz Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • FTF Awards: Best New Post-Trade Solution of the Year
  • Quartz Ranked #1 Best Performing Fraud Management Solution
  • Smart Solutions
  • Events
Long term, we envisage replacing our paper based SoWs and manually triggered fiat payments by milestone-enabled payments using smart contracts and digital currencies, significantly reducing administrative overheads.
Dirk König

ERP Head, Finance & Procurement and EMEA & APAC & LATAM, Roche

The Ideas Issue

Read the Ideas Issue of Quartz magazine to gain insights on future of NFTs, CBDC vision, take away from the Quartz Live webinar and more.

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