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Sajan George

Lead Enterprise Architect, TCS BFSI Platforms

Enhance the insurance customer experience with digitalized document management

Even in the Industry 4.0 era, the insurance industry still uses manual processes when it comes to document processing.

  • From filling insurance applications to generating statutory documents or scanning customer records - everything is manually done in the Insurance industry.
  • This manual process is time-consuming and increases the cost of operations.
  • It is also prone to errors.
  • This inefficient manual process acts as a major dampener - not only for the customers but agents as well.

The industry needs to digitalize this manual document management. With templatized forms, any form can be generated and filled in automatically. The AI-based system can extract data from customer records automatically to fill the insurance application. Fully digitalized document management will let various departments collaborate with each other without any offline back-forths of the documents. With smart storage & indexing, agents can access any file anytime.