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Legacy HR systems, complex processes, and diverse worker policies required simplification.


Tata Metaliks Limited (TML) faced various challenges that are characteristic of a human resources (HR) function in manufacturing industry. Legacy HR systems and process complexities including shift management, allowances, and diverse policies across worker and executive employees compelled TML to look for simplifying and digitizing the entire HR and talent management function. Need to harness talent including quicker hiring turn around and holistic performance feedback, was one of the key transformation goals. Further, TML needed rapid transformation without disrupting business-as-usual.




TCS CHROMA™ Fastrack digitizes HR and talent management


TML envisioned simplifying and digitizing entire HR and talent management function to address various complexities and prepare for the future of work. They selected CHROMA™ Fastrack, TCS’ HR and talent management suite on cloud, for rapid implementation with minimal change management impact. The unified HR and talent management solution provides various capabilities comprising - organization, people, leave, attendance, recruitment, on-boarding, learning, competency, performance, career, succession, voice, expenses & claims, and compensation. CHROMA™ Fastrack features next-generation user experience with simplified widgets, easy navigation, personalization, KPI dashboards, quick actions, and notifications among others. Leveraging this solution, TML aims to achieve an accelerated implementation. TML intends to step into future of work, with simplified processes and a next-generation platform for the HR and talent management function.


We have embarked on the journey into future of work, embracing digital HR with TCS CHROMA™

Juhi Mishra, Head Corporate HR, Tata Metaliks Limited


TML envisages to derive agility, visibility, and performance from unified and digitized HR Platform on cloud

Fully digitized HR and talent management on cloud will enable TML with the capability to harness talent including stepped-up hiring and effective performance management



digitized HR Operations


implementation time for next gen HR platform

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