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TCS OmniStore, an AI-powered composable commerce platform, has been recognized as the ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the CX Awards 2023 for effectively using emerging technologies to improve customer experience in retail.

The CX Awards is a global award event that celebrates customer experience technology innovation, including contact centre, CRM, artificial intelligence, and more. TCS OmniStore is recognized for its ability to drive unified, frictionless, and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints, regardless of where, how, or when customers engage with them.  

The judges loved TCS OmniStore’s interactive technologies and how the platform is using them to create brand experiences that capture and engage customers across multiple channels.

CX Awards

By unifying all channels and data and giving retailers a single view of customers, transactions, orders, and inventory across channels, TCS OmniStore broadens the opportunity for selling and drives business growth with new capabilities, such as mixed baskets and the ability to quickly sell on new touchpoints. Additionally, retailers can extend these capabilities to enable future shopping experiences such as voice-based shopping and metaverse without having to rebuild the platform from scratch. TCS OmniStore harnesses AI for 1:1 intent- and context-based personalization across product, content, offers, fraud detection and prevention, workforce optimization, self-healing of IT issues, and adherence to compliance.

With TCS OmniStore, modernizing commerce need not be a multi-year transformation project calling for major overhauls. The inherent composable commerce architecture of TCS OmniStore helps retailers construct their own commerce platform from a wide range of commerce capabilities such as checkout anywhere and multiple payment and fulfilment options. The ability to reuse existing investments, execute strategic build vs. buy decisions, and choose the best of breed partners minimizes disruptions to critical business processes and the IT landscape ensuring faster time to market.

Retailers leveraging TCS OmniStore have realized 5-10% increase in sales, 50% faster checkout speeds, and 20-30% decrease in labor hours. 

TCS OmniStore is a part of the TCS Algo Retail™ suite that enables retailers to seamlessly integrate and orchestrate data across the retail value chain harnessing the power of analytics, AI, and machine learning to unlock exponential business value. TCS Algo Retail is our patented approach for transforming organizations into resilient, adaptable, nimble, and algorithmic enterprises.

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