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Surya Ganguly

Innovation Evangelist, TCS

Pradipta Chakraborty

Principal Innovation Evangelist, TCS

Shirish Karande

Principal Scientist, TCS Research


  • There is no denying the buzz that ChatGPT has created in the months following its launch in November 2022. This has heightened interest in the underlying technology powering these applications, called a large language model (LLM).
  • Much of the current discourse in the public domain has focused on the conversational and generative capabilities of LLMs. However, wider developments point toward these models serving to break down barriers in AI adoption and innovation.
  • While risks, challenges, and uncertainties prevail, many more capabilities are yet to be explored. A progressive framework is recommended, which suggests moving from low-risk and internal use cases toward higher-order external use cases, minimizing risks in enterprise adoption. 
  • Enterprises can further benefit from LLMs as they leverage their evolving capabilities—which include multimodality and reasoning—and enable customization and interfacing with external data and knowledge systems to innovate.