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Sachin Kaka

Domain Consultant and Lead, Network Security and Intuitive Network, Center of Excellence, TCS

Hemant Kumar Rath

Principal Scientist, TCS Research

Sudhir Bansal

Global Head, Technology and Innovation, TCS


  • The traditional network security approach uses a virtual private network (VPN) to grant access to a user through an internet protocol (IP) address where these IPs are linked to devices or applications of a user group. But this can expose IPs to a security breach.
  • A ‘five-S’ approach for zero trust network architecture adoption is based on key features that drive the core functionality of a security solution.
  • A zero trust network architecture provides fast, secure, cost-efficient, and reliable connections to access network applications. It leverages the cloud and eliminates dependency on hardware stacks and human effort that goes into managing VPN gateways.