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Strategy to scale

With TCS Enterprise Cloud, you can gain a competitive edge, keep up with changing business needs, and stay compliant with ever-evolving regulatory and privacy directives while accelerating innovation for sustainable growth.

Our approach

Accelerated value realization

Synergized IT landscape

Next-gen platform for hybrid cloud orchestration

Full-stack cloud services



Cloud value

Maximize value with a clear hybrid cloud strategy.

Legacy IT

Why mainframe and cloud must go hand in hand.


Unleash business resilience with enterprise cloud.


Four steps to a cyber-resilient enterprise cloud.

Our services, customized for you

We power your modernization journey with end-to-end, full-stack hybrid cloud services.

Our programmable infrastructure and built-in accelerators enable big data, machine learning, AI, and automation across the entire IT landscape.

Our software-defined capability enables automation, cloud service brokerage, and resilience at all levels on zero trust architecture.

We accelerate modernization by enabling bring your own license and co-location services for legacy infrastructure and applications.

Our unified platform facilitates a heterogeneous cloud ecosystem, bringing together cloud-native and legacy applications.





Transform your IT ecosystem with the power of one cloud.

  • Build resilience and achieve superior performance.  
  • Ensure regulatory and data sovereignty compliance.  
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with bespoke hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Drive synergy across your entire IT landscape on a secure next-gen platform.
Our solutions enable a resilient and secure hybrid cloud ecosystem that drives innovation and supports next-gen business models to accelerate enterprise growth and transformation.

Vice President and Global Head, Enterprise Cloud, TCS

Let’s make the cloud connect

Want to maximize value from cloud for your enterprise?

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