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Data modernization involves moving siloed data from legacy databases to modern, cloud-based databases or data lakes.

It helps enterprises become more agile and eliminate inefficiencies, and by leveraging the power of a multi- or hybrid-cloud environment, they can fast-track this process.

In this video, Dipty Ranjan Padhy, director for Data and AI Practice, Google Business Unit, TCS, and Simon Brown, Lead for Smart Analytics Business with GSI Partners, Google Cloud, share their vision for a multi-cloud ecosystem and a hyper-connected, interoperable, open source and boundaryless enterprise. Watch the video to find out:

  • Why data modernization is critical for a 360-degree view of business and real-time, data-driven insights
  • Fast-tracking data modernization by adopting a multi-cloud ecosystem
  • Benefits of a multi- or hybrid-cloud environment for data modernization
  • Strategic partnership between TCS and Google Cloud 
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