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AI adoption is not a technology project, but a business transformation enabler.

AI is everywhere—it has become part of our lives. And with advances in cloud and data technologies, we are now moving to the era of ‘industrialization of AI.’ The corresponding democratization of AI makes it an imperative to build trust through responsible practices. 

For enterprises, it’s important that they don’t look at AI adoption as a ‘technology project.’ They need to realize that AI is a ‘business transformation enabler’ and build the capability to scale AI. To delve deeper into what is required to bridge the ‘scaling chasm’, TCS collaborated with the Everest Group to develop a detailed report on how to make AI the key competitive differentiator. We believe enterprises should take a comprehensive approach that reimagines the foundational levers of people, processes, and technology. 

Some technology companies have taken the lead in bringing AI to life for enterprises through practical application. Google Cloud, for instance, makes AI adoption easier through its end-to-end AI platform Vertex AI. The solution takes care of the technical and arduous part of the AI journey, allowing enterprises to focus on innovation and value realization. 

For success in this new era, enterprises will need to think of AI as a key strategy pillar and a means of competitive differentiation. 

To find out how TCS and Google Cloud drives a comprehensive approach to scaling AI and fueling innovation, download the PDF.

AI for business transformation