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As digitization gathers momentum, cloud computing has become the preferred choice of businesses worldwide. Enterprises are rapidly procuring cloud services from providers – such as Microsoft – to take the first-mover advantage. However, to ensure optimal adoption of Azure, cloud governance is imperative. While service providers do have their own portals for cloud management, a comprehensive governance framework can help streamline cloud adoption, ensure security and compliance, improve operational efficiency and optimize cost.


An end-to-end cloud management system that ensures the usage of Azure services as per best practices, TCS Governance Framework for Microsoft Azure is a smart cloud solution that helps organizations gain better visibility over their cloud environment by automating governance.

The future-ready governance portal provides a unified view across Azure subscriptions and services, defines governance policies and allows the auto-discovery of the resource map in an Azure subscription. Additionally, the portal tracks non-compliance issues, generates a comprehensive report and offers recommendations.

TCS Governance Framework for Microsoft Azure offers seamless cloud governance to enterprises throughout the cloud adoption journey and analyzes Azure resource usage data to identify opportunities and generate recommendations for cost optimization.


TCS Governance Framework for Microsoft Azure synchronizes organizational goals and strategies with the cloud platform to improve their overall performance in the digital age. This cloud framework offers the following differentiators:

  • Provides over 100 proven cost optimization recommendations

  • Fine-tunes cost recommendations to suit individual cloud services

  • Helps publish enterprise-approved cloud services using an in-built service catalog

  • Allows companies to use public resources with pay-as-you-go pricing model

  • Ensures security and scalability during application of cloud governance policies

  • Ensures the application of consistent policies under the umbrella of Azure DevOps