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Enterprises that take the traditional approach to underwriting are grappling with the long-winded process due to the lack of integrated AI and data-driven, intelligent processing capabilities. Rules-driven approach limits automatic scaling, and underwriters need to get involved in every case leading to reduced straight-through processing. As there is no unified, single source of data, processing external and internal data for comprehensive view of risks becomes difficult. This results in fewer product and pricing innovations, and inability to keep up with constantly changing customer behavior and expectations in insurance underwriting.


TCS’ Modernized Underwriting Platform on Azure offers an intelligent risk assessment platform that automates the traditional underwriting process by utilizing the AI and automation capabilities of Microsoft Azure. AI-based analytics brings the underwriting process closer to the point of sale, enabling agents to quote, submit, receive decisions, and issue policies, while improving the efficiency of the insurance value chain using straight-through processing. Its recommendation engine offers suggestions for medical examinations, risk classes, profile highlights and scores, probability of claims, and final decision of accepting or rejecting applications.


TCS's platform offers:

Data centricity: Brings data from varied external sources into a centralized data lake to increase data gravity, by leveraging a standardized data architecture based on the Common Data model framework.

360-degree risk view: Allows underwriters to view historical data to detect trends, patterns and KPIs for improved decision making with the help of interactive dashboards. Graph analytics-based underwriting rules enable underwriters to assess health and lifestyle to reach the final decision for overall profit.

Personalized products and dynamic pricing: Enables underwriters to visualize and analyze physical activity patterns of applicants. It helps them understand whether the risk trends over a period of time are positive or negative, and shape dynamic pricing and product personalization capabilities.



TCS’ solution helps life and health insurers become digitally enabled and data-augmented. It offers:

Enables applicant risk profiling with suggestions from an AI-based recommendation engine, and insights from the Book of Business and Underwriting rules embedded into the solution

Processes applicant data efficiently based on standard data architecture

Leverages cognitive AI bots and communication interfaces to build transparency between stakeholders and underwriters, and carries out policy administration tasks

Allows quick underwriting decisions, which would be mutually beneficial for firms and customers; helps in dynamic pricing, and personalization of products and services


tcs advantage

  • Focused team: TCS’ MBU Data Analytics and Insights group focuses on Azure platform-based offerings aligned to ‘Di-impact cube’ principles
  • Industry experience: We have deep contextual knowledge of the insurance industry and extensive expertise in new technologies such as AI
  • Joint investments: TCS and Microsoft have jointly built standardized architectures and cost-efficient solutions


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