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Most enterprises today know the capabilities of cloud computing and its utility for businesses in the post-COVID world. As the pandemic ravages conventional business systems, enterprises are reviewing core value streams to develop adaptive purpose-driven approaches. They are restructuring themselves to build resilient organizations capable of withstanding unforeseen shocks and working in multiple markets with carefully chosen nimble offerings. These enterprises are trying to secure their businesses with fast-paced innovations on cloud platforms and ensure flexibility while conserving cash-at-hand. Their goal is to build adaptive solutions supporting unprecedented changes, leveraging ecosystems, and capitalizing on newer markets and transient opportunities. 

TCS Solution

In wake of COVID-19, TCS has deployed an array of TCS Cloud Transformation Accelerators for digital transformation to address specific demands of enterprises. This end-to-end execution model aids fast-paced movement to cloud with secured, portable, and future-ready applications architecture. The key services of this offering are:

  1. Hyper breeze container services: TCS uses a secured, portable, and future-ready application architecture to help enterprises fast-track automated movement of applications to cloud with decisive advantages such as multi-cloud platform portability and staggered investment model leading to lower TCO and risks 
  2. Cloud cost optimizer services: With this service, TCS focuses on cost reduction with cloud consumption via continuous and predictive optimization, complemented by an outcome-based investment model. Besides keeping a tab on continuous operational savings, it also collects data and analyzes it using four cluster principles -- Idle/underused capacity, misappropriated allocation, life cycle management, and reservation -- to chalk out savings plans
  3. iN-app cloud security services: This service helps enterprises address application-level security requirements by leveraging the cloud service provider (CSP) ecosystem during the migration or modernization journey by
  • Assessing the level of application security for current and future standards 
  • Designing appropriate application security controls
  • Remediation to ensure applications are secured 


Leveraging the principles of agile, Business 4.0™, and DevSecOps, TCS Cloud Transformation Accelerators help enterprises plan contingencies for minimal service disruption with zero vendor lock-in, secure applications, and fast-paced innovation on cloud platforms. The key benefits are:

  • 25% faster deployment of applications on cloud with lower risk
  • 35% lower migration cost
  • 75% automation in factory processes
  • 35% savings on cloud consumption cost
  • Lower licensing cost opportunity
  • Outcome-based pricing model
  • Secure application before and during cloud adoption
  • Reduce economic impact from breaches
  • Meeting industry compliances on security

TCS Advantage

With years of experience and proven methodologies, TCS has successfully helped leading enterprises across the globe  build adaptive and resilient businesses capable of leveraging ecosystems and transient opportunities. With TCS, enterprises can benefit from:

  • A unique TCS Location Independent Agile™ delivery model along with contextual knowledge of customer business and technology domain
  • Homegrown proprietary tools, accelerators, and frameworks to ensure a hassle-free digitization journey
  • Value-driven and market-proven consulting services
  • Cloud 10 methodology to determine correct cloud adoption strategy followed by accurate purpose-driven roadmap supported by a robust business case