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Factory that feels: Inspired by human systems, driven by ecosystems

Scaling on the neural behavior

Neural plants are built on a network of intelligent systems powered by the 4Cs: Connected assets, Connected workforce, Connected operations, and Connected supply chain.

  • Real-time tracking, remediation of asset performance, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement

  • Worker health and safety

  • Worker productivity

  • Worker assistance and training

  • Plant visualization

  • Optimizing OEE, yield, quality, and throughput

  • Prescriptive analytics for autonomous operations

  • Optimizing supply chain performance

  • Integrated planning

  • Real-time tracking


Building the factory of the future


Our solutions

We help make your plants become resilient and adaptive through our suite of neural manufacturing solutions, products, and platforms.

Weave the neural information fabric through data ingestion, contextualization, visualization, and descriptive analytics.

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Create intelligent digital twins of plants, assets, systems, and processes through a customized AI-powered platform.

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Deploy digital solutions with prescriptive insights for autonomous actions and unlock knowledge, data, and engineering sciences to make plants intelligent and future ready.

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Realize your business’ potential with our strategic suite of services and solutions.

  • Build integrated Industry 4.0 capabilities.

  • Make smart manufacturing a reality with collaborative and cognitive operations.

  • Achieve workforce optimization.

  • Transform into an adaptive and self-learning enterprise. 

Change begins here

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