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Intelligent products for smarter business models

Our approach


End-to-end capabilities



Software-defined everything, driven by artificial intelligence of things, brings digital intelligence that can overcome the challenges of physical systems and help companies deliver an immersive consumer experience, enable new business models, and drive innovation.
Lakshmi Kulasekaran

Head, Intelligent Products, IoT and Digital Engineering, TCS

Our capabilities

We help your products become software-defined, connected, and intelligent through our suite of solutions, products, and platforms.

A framework to improve the performance of AI applications at the edge layer to meet real-time, high-speed requirements.

A scalable solution that simplifies customization, enables comprehensive device management, enhances the service provider’s control over software roadmaps, and helps build a consistent experience across channels.

An integrated framework that allows secure, effective, compliant development and maintenance of software-as-a-medical device products.

A framework that accelerates the deployment, provisioning, validation, and orchestration of enterprise software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) systems, helping reduce capital expenditures.


Transform your business by connecting your products using our domain expertise.

  • Reduce time to market with our accelerators.

  • Develop customized solutions at scale by leveraging our delivery models.

  • Leverage strategic alliances with leading technology partners and consortiums.

  • Establish resilient and sustainable supply chains to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. 

  • Reduce environmental impact of products with TCS’ design for sustainability services.

  • Enable the shift from product-based to service-based business models.

  • Create hyper-personalized customer experiences using AI/ML-based algorithms and predictive analytics.

Transformation starts here

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