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Narayanan R – Chief Architect and Global Head, TCS Connected Clinical Trials

Dr. Hilde Vanaken – Sr. Industry Advisor, TCS Life Sciences and Healthcare

TCS ADD successfully hosted a virtual event that saw registration and participation from more than 100 executives from the pharma and life sciences space. Scheduled on September 3, 2020, the virtual event aimed to provide listeners with hands-on practicalities, experiences and collaborations to successfully enable the next generation of patient-centric trials, also referred to as Decentralized Trials.   

This informative event focused on the key aspects of next generation patient-centric trials including,

  • How to start, who to engage?
  • The usual pitfalls with novel technologies and how to handle them
  • Real-life implementations and digital ecosystems
  • Community and stakeholder feedback

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the fact that achieving ‘true’ patient centricity and using modern technologies is not as intimidating as it sounds and that questions such as “what if?”, “can we do this?”, “what about privacy?”, “what about health authorities?” and so on can as well be seamlessly handled.

The virtual event looked at a few pioneering companies and modern technologies that moved the needle and shed light on what has transitioned out of the conceptual phase and been implemented in real-life clinical studies with patients. In addition, the speakers discussed learnings from the implementation and experience of patients and sites, as well as collaborations with other key stakeholders to drive adoption for these technologies.

Please fill the request form to view the entire webinar recording and experience the benefits of implementing real Decentralized Trials.

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