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ARC View: TCS’ Global Regulatory Solution Framework for the Automotive Industry


Numerous global megatrends have made automotive industry regulations stringent, making the regulatory compliance process complex. Further, as the imperative to reduce the global carbon footprint gains urgency, regulations will likely become even more rigorous with the rise of eco-friendly vehicles. Besides, data privacy will become critical as cybersecurity regulations come centerstage.

To address stringent regulations, TCS has designed the Global Regulatory Solution Framework to help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) create safe and secure vehicles. A report by analyst firm ARC Advisory examines this framework. Listed below are highlights from the report.

  • The framework can be deployed in multiple scenarios using agile.

  • The configuration is deployed based on market-specific regulatory requirements.

  • The framework not only delivers transparency and efficiency but also reduces time to market.

For more insights on the framework, please download the ARC View report here.