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Data Science Will Drive the Auto Industry


Forbes - August 27 2019

Engineering is responsible for the immense progress of the auto industry, but going forward, it won’t serve as the prime driver of the auto industry, according to Sreenivasa Chakravarti, Vice President, Manufacturing, Tata Consultancy Services. Instead, he asserts, the key driver will be data science.

Electrification, autonomous operation, vehicle-sharing all appear to have the potential to change the auto industry in a fundamental way. Asked which of these technologies would have the most impact, Chakravarti made it clear that while all three technologies are important, the discipline that will tie them together in the context of the auto industry is data.

“Apart from traditional engineering, there is completely new space of data science-led innovation — artificial intelligence, including machine learning, machine vision, which is determining the trajectory of vehicle feature development,” Chakravarti said.

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