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TCS Agile Workspaces provide clients an immersive experience of our location-independent Agile development methodology. By allowing rapid development with the help of a team that uses lean, Agile DevOps practices and tools, these workspaces give clients a forum for experimentation in order to determine which ideas are well-suited for market introduction. 

Designed to be a collaborative workspace for client teams to work together with TCS teams on experimentation, these labs feature Agile- and design-driven workspaces that will be the focal points for small- to medium-scale grassroots innovation projects.

 The Agile Workspaces are distinct from the usual delivery centres that are used to ‘build for production’, allowing for greater freedom from both virtual and physical constraints. At these labs, clients get a first-hand experience of working with teams across multiple time zones, thereby being able to test-drive TCS’ location-independent Agile delivery capabilities.

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