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Tata Consultancy's global CEO bullish on Australia's tech prospects


Australian Financial Review

Australian Financial Review (AFR), a leading business and finance newspaper in Australia, in an exclusive interview with TCS CEO & MD, N. Chandrasekaran, highlights his views on the state of digital in Australia and beyond.

As the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Chandra, as he is known to his employees, has an insider's view of the way companies from every sector of the global economy are transforming their tech assets.

Chandra, impressed with the efforts being made in Australia to develop a culture that encourages start-ups and entrepreneurs told AFR that Australian banks are investing to transform using digital technologies. "I can tell you that some of the work the major banks are doing is cutting edge. They are all focused on building market-leading solutions which are contact based and consumer centric.”

Chandra, who was in Australia in October of 2016 for the annual TCS customer summit, told AFR that TCS is helping its customers with three mega-trends in Australia. The first is how to become a real-time company through the analysis of customer data. The second is how to become an intelligent company through the use of data analytics and machine learning in real time to develop insights and the third is to be a digital company that delivers a superior customer experience.

Chandra told AFR that to provide these services, TCS has trained 180,000 staff, established customer collaboration centres and partnered with academics.

He believes that Australia stands a chance as good as anyone else to come up with innovative technologies. "Australia has a big opportunity. It's a question of getting the ecosystem going, it's getting a culture where we don't criticise start-up failures. We need a mentoring culture and more entrepreneurs.”

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