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Viva la e-volution - Blog by N Chandrasekaran, CEO, TCS


In his blog, Viva la e-volution, in The Economic Times, TCS' CEO, N Chandrasekaran, talks about how humans established norms of social behaviour and learnt to coordinate between large groups of strangers to accomplish complex tasks some 70000 years ago.

He also writes about how we will generate zettabytes (1021) of data from 50 billion devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2025

An excerpt from the blog:

"Given the usage of digital in our lives, consumers today demand personalised services — ‘the segment of one’. Social networks have given them a strong voice, individually and collectively, to amplify their opinions. Their networks — friends and family — are the biggest influences on their buying behaviour, replacing mass media. So, regardless of business’ nature, customer empowerment is a common theme that runs across industries. Today, we have the data analytics to understand and address our customer need in a very personal way. For instance, these insights are turning an anonymous airline passenger in seat ‘2A’ into ‘Chandra’ whose preferences are known (and acted upon) by the crew".

To read the blog, click here