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  • The essential role that digital will play to deliver sustainability outcomes and help transform businesses, and enable the success of sustainability goals and targets.
  • Organisational motivations affecting sustainability progress and role of the board and executives.
  • Technological factors that are leading to leveraging digital assets, infrastructure, and tools for sustainable performance.
  • Capturing the value of Digital Sustainability and harnessing the ecosystem as an accelerator for Digital Sustainability 

Sustainability outcomes

The Asia Pacific Digital Sustainability Index tracks how enterprises adopt and leverage the digital technologies for sustainability outcomes.

Core Belief

Digital Sustainability can deliver a competitive advantage

A core belief held by organisations leading the conversation on inclusive growth. Adding a sustainability lens to digital transformation can help us reimagine different outcomes, revitalise our planet, create transformational ecosystems, address inequality, and help us in our journey to a more sustainable and resilient future. When sustainability is at the heart of the digital core, it has a multiplier effect on the impact achieved. 

The Digital Sustainability Index and why it’s important  

Considering the essential role that digital will play to deliver sustainable outcomes today and in the future, TCS collaborated with the Centre of Digital Enterprise (CODE) at the University of Auckland Business School to create an Asia Pacific focused framework that helps inform the best practice capabilities demonstrated by leaders, leveraging digital for sustainability: the Digital Sustainability Index. 

The ‘digital sustainability index’ is the first of its kind in the world. Co-created by TCS and the University of Auckland, we aim to start meaningful conversations on the convergence of digital transformation & sustainbility for future-fit businesses as well as our people & planet.
Girish Ramachandran


Understanding your organisation’s readiness and level of maturity

This study enables leaders to understand better the organisational and technological factors that successfully leverage digital assets, infrastructure, and tools for sustainable performance within organisations. A clear, cohesive point of view around the importance of Digital Sustainability across four key themes:



The drivers to pursue digital sustainability

Digital maturity of the business

Ecosystem of partners and enablers

The in-house governing mechanisms involved

The survey

Understanding the Digital Sustainability readiness

We surveyed business leaders across the Asia Pacific to ascertain their Digital Sustainability readiness. The survey responses helped create the Asia Pacific Digital Sustainability Index to assess how advanced a company is in deploying digital resources to achieve its sustainability goals.

Global Leadership Study

Key Findings

Organizational Value

Increase in strategic partnership through digital sustainability initiatives

Market Reputation

increase in overall market reputation due to digital sustainability initiatives

Geographic drawback

Countries perceive lack on in-house knowledge is holding them back

Countries perceive

lack of ROI as an inhibitor

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In conversation

Starting a global conversation, Strategic Player, Explorer, or Experimenter?

Never has the impact of technology on the community and sustainable innovation been more relevant and more necessary. The Centre of Digital Enterprise at the University of Auckland Business School is committed to developing tools and frameworks that harness the power of technology to address sustainability challenges
Ilan Oshri

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