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Digital Readiness and COVID-19: Assessing the Impact

How well were organizations prepared for the digital demands of COVID-19?

What impact did their level of preparedness have on revenue?

Nearly 300 executives revealed their experiences in our recent TCS COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.

Five key findings

1. Most were caught off guard

Most companies lack these essential digital capabilities.

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2.  A few standouts have outshone the rest

Companies with essential digital capabilities (“Leaders”) have held up better during the pandemic than those without (“Followers).

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3. The remainder are racing to catch up 

Despite cash concerns, the majority of all executives are not reducing digital transformation (DX) budgets.

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4. The conundrum: Invest … but where?

There is a significant lack of clarity on how to strategically move on multiple digital fronts cost-effectively. 

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5. Remote employees take center stage  

Shifting to work from home was not a big challenge. Keeping remote workers agile, secure and productive is.

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Source: TCS COVID-19 Business Impact Survey 2020


Five key findings explore the impact and state of digital readiness before and after the pandemic.


Leaders acquired six essential digital capabilities that set them apart from the rest.

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