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Dearth of future-ready skills is the foremost challenge before the HR function, followed by lack of reliable data for informed decision-making. These lead to talent shortage, lower employee engagement, overpayments and higher onboarding time, while negatively affecting business. Further, a digital disruption caused by the movement to cloud and a persistent demand for consumer-grade employee experience are pressurizing CHROs to transform. A solution that helps HR departments enable workforce agility, leverage collaborative ecosystems and offer personalized employee services is, therefore, imperative.

TCS Solution

They consist of:

  • HR advisory: Helps simplify processes, align to business needs, establish benchmarks, create business cases, assess and adopt digital solutions, enhance employee experience, reduce costs and improve service delivery
  • HR service delivery: Spans optimizing organization design, deployment of employee experience layer, configuring on-boarding and transition workflows, leveraging chatbots and ongoing service delivery support
  • HCM technology transformation: Encompasses empathy-based design, system evaluation, integration and testing to ensure successful realization of talent strategy
  • People analytics: Involves data consolidation, data hub/lake creation, decision-making metrics, executive dashboards and predictive and prescriptive insights


  • Increased employee productivity with enhanced workforce output
  • Improved retention of critical talent across the organization brings down employee turnover
  • Elevated employee experience and engagement with employee-centric HR transformation
  • Reduction of costs incurred by the human resources department
  • Enhanced HR efficiency and productivity across key organizational metrics measured in HR
  • Agile and future-ready operations with a workforce skilled for future competencies 

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