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Listen to Thomas De Rycke, head of the Agile Center of Excellence, talk about how TCS’ agile advisors and coaches have guided them in the company’s agile transformation journey.

Proximus partners with TCS for enterprise agile transformation

TCS guides Proximus in this transformation journey

Proximus aims to become the reference operator in Europe. 

As Belgium's incumbent telecom operator, Proximus embarked on an agile transformation program in 2018,  the objective was to build empowered teams who propagate the agile mindset and embrace agile values and principles in their true spirit. To give wings to this ambition, the company needed experts who could guide the teams and the leadership, and they looked to their long-standing partner, TCS. 

TCS’ expertise in laying the foundation for an agile enterprise and the ability to adapt to the telecom major’s unique requirements has helped pull off this agile transformation successfully.

From a business outcomes perspective, Proximus has experienced the following benefits:

  • Up to 60% better quality in delivery
  • Up to 70% improvement in adaptability 
  • Significantly higher engagement in agile teams