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Experience Results

TCS brought in a very high level of insight into QA for TalkTalk. “The first release we had with TCS was our best ever release – the most output, the best quality release we've ever had”, says Paul Thompson, Head BSS Delivery, TalkTalk.

While TalkTalk previously managed a good volume of releases, after partnering with TCS, the company now brings out releases much faster and with more regularity, taking into account their business realities.

TCS also helped transform static testing, acceptance testing, component testing, performance management and automated testing for the telecom major.

Experience Partnership

TalkTalk wanted a partner who would align to their style of business as a value provider, one who would support them, maintain their cost base and had the ability to execute.

According to Paul, TCS offered this quality partnership, and an open and honest relationship that has only improved with time.

Experience Leadership

At TalkTalk, all systems in the consumer division are designed, built, tested and operated by TCS.

With the help of very capable leaders, who motivated their teams, TCS was able to deliver the results they committed to.

Paul notes that TCS provides them with the agility they need to stay ahead of competition and react quickly in the UK telecom market, which is one of the most competitive in the world.