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Experience Results

RPA in DNA - TCS and DNA had jointly decided Robotic Process Automation and the program has been delivering quick quantifiable business benefits. Since the project started in 2017, over 12 software robots have been deployed; one of them is Marvin who tackles the order to activation process for mobile family products in the corporate side and helps reduce the amount of reclamations they get related to customer invoices. Marvin is accurate and up to three hundred percent more efficient.

Experience Leadership

Dominique talks about the synergy between TCS and DNA and how both companies have learnt from each other. He further adds “TCS is able to guide us also beyond the scope of robotic process automation, and challenge us into the smartest, most efficient way of fixing a process.”

Juha talks about how combining new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing will enable DNA to create new ways of addressing customer needs and create new services in the future. He adds “I see that TCS is a key partner in achieving this kind of a future”

Experience Partnership

Juha Viikki says “They are very committed to DNA's targets in process automation.  TCS has a deep knowledge in telecommunication processes and they excel in the technology.  And the way we are working with TCS, it's not like them and us, we are working as a one team to achieve the targets we are aiming at”

Dominique Akl says “I have no problem saying that DNA and TCS are aligned on the values of fast, bold and straightforward, which are actually DNA own values”