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Experience Results

Debbie talks about how TCS has helped Vodafone successfully take around €6,000,000 out of the cost base through consolidation of its billing systems. TCS has brought robotics and automation into both testing and deployment. Debbie says, “We have introduced all online digital billing for our customers. TCS helped us introduce a brand new product into that space and deliver that project. The customer feedback has been phenomenal, and it's increased our NPS score. TCS has also consolidated all our enterprise systems, and the number of outages and incidents has reduced significantly.”

Experience Leadership

With TCS, you get more than what you asked for, says Debbie. TCS’ strong technical leadership is the foundation behind our partnership, she says. “TCS understands our 2020 strategy, and it dovetails quite well with their Business 4.0™ approach.”

Experience Partnership

Applauding TCS’ hard work and strong partnership with Vodafone, Debbie says, “TCS has not just brought good people, but they have also brought a lot of innovation. As a result of that, over the last two years, we have managed to go through the TMMi accreditation, and I am delighted to say that as a result of TCS's hard work, we have delivered TMMi5.”