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Atul Jagnale

Chief Technology Officer, UK and Europe, HiTech, TCS

Rinkal Brahmbhatt

Evangelist for Digital Workplace and Low-Code Platforms, HiTech, TCS

Security solutions to protect low-code applications from data security threats

Digitalization, cloud computing, automation, and COVID-19 have pushed enterprises to adopt low-code platforms. However, rising security breaches have made low-code development vulnerable to data security threats. While most low-code platforms have security and compliance measures in place, some of these requirements need to be implemented at the individual and application level. To secure web and mobile applications built on low-code platforms, organizations must focus on:

  • DevSecOps mindset: Embed security processes within DevOps
  • Application governance: Integrate internal and external applications with configurable governance settings
  • Security training: Train business users to become aware of security threats in application development
  • Deploying testing tools: Reduce manual testing of low-code platforms to quicken the speed of development
  • Cloud services: Leverage the security services to secure public cloud services