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We believe in the power of inspiration and invention to build greater futures.

Our researchers apply scientific rigor and a collaborative mindset to solve pressing problems faced by industry and society. We aspire to transform the world we live in by powering innovation. 

Our focus areas

Purposeful AI

Today’s AI models can be made purposeful by infusing human ingenuity and contextual knowledge. Our inventions systematically integrate predictive intelligence, contextualized decision-making, and humanized semantic interactions in enterprise AI applications.

Streamlining logistics and transportation using AI

Reimagining patient experience

Low-code no-code: A call to action for enterprises

Computing Futures

Efficient computing systems will be the backbone for businesses in the future. We invent high performance, fault-tolerant, and energy-efficient computing systems to meet the growing demands of AI and physics-based systems.

AI workload migration to cloud: Server or serverless?

Enabling next-generation enterprise IT—EIT 2.0

Digital Sciences

Digital sciences will transform materials, manufacturing, biology, and human behavior. We invent at the intersections of computing and sciences to explore newer approaches to science.

Reducing food waste with smart technology

Digital twin: Driving sustainability in power plants

Sustainable Futures

Sustainable futures will be built by inventing for people and the planet. We apply computing to advance energy transition, circularity, environment, social and corporate governance, and sustainable development.

Driving net-zero emissions with carbon capture, utilization, and storage

Greening software: Best practices for a sustainable future

Four decades of research – Forty & Forward

We have had an exciting four-decade journey, aiming at advancing scientific knowledge and creating solutions across technologies and domains with a pioneering spirit.  We continue to look ahead, explore new technologies and invent for impact.

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