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An ecosystem-led collaborative approach, TCS leaders believe, is essential for vaccination at the scale that is needed to combat the coronavirus. In this video, they discuss how to orchestrate the complex processes and interlinkages involved. The key discussion points include:

  • How a customer-centric approach can form the pivot of the ecosystem.
  • Why stakeholder cooperation is essential for speed, agility and transparency.
  • How innovative technologies supported by a platform can make a world of difference.
  • How companies in industries such as the travel and hospitality are regaining consumer confidence.



Debashis Ghosh

President, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy & Resources and Public Services, TCS

Shankar Narayanan

President and Global Head, Retail, CPG, and Travel and Hospitality, TCS

Sowmya Rajagopalan

Vice President and Head, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, TCS


Moderated by Kevin Benedict, Partner, Futurist at TCS.