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10 things to know about Chennai Generation Z


Chennai, December 30, 2015: The TCS Youth Survey 2015 evaluated over 1100 students between the age group of 12-18 years in Chennai. Generation Z (Gen Z) is defined as the group born after 1995 – the current youth generation. TCS has been conducting the TCS Youth Survey with students across 15 cities, as part of the TCS IT Wiz Quiz. Below are some of the technology-related survey results.

1. Universal Truth: Rise of smart phones, Fall of personal computers
Smartphone was the most preferred digital gadget (85%), followed by Laptop/Home PC (81%).

2. Facebook reigns King of social networking sites among Chennai Gen Z
Facebook leads from the forefront (used by 86%) followed by Google+ (70%). An interesting observation was that Google+ was more popular among the Gen Z Chennai girls (used by 80%) as against Facebook (used by 69%).

3. The Blue Canary spreading its wings in Chennai
Twitter is gaining popularity amongst Teen Twitteratis in Chennai with 43% respondents having twitter accounts. Sport stars followed most with 71%.

4. Yo Whatsapp
Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging platform (73%) followed by SMS (11%)

5. Chennai Gen Z says , “see you online”
73% of the respondents spend an hour everyday online. 34% of them respond to notifications within 30 mins of receiving them, followed by once a day, (31%). 51% of the online activities are monitored by parents & 50% of the parents have access to Chennai Gen Z online accounts.

6. Learning goes online
While 61% respondents go online to speak with parents/grandparents, an interesting trend is 29% go online to learn a new hobby & 21% go online to do school assignments.

7. No, we are not mobile zombies says Chennai Gen Z boys
While boys are more active online and on social networking sites they prefer Face to face communication (42%) as the most preferred way of communication among friends than Girls (31%). While Phone calls were popular among Girls (34%) than Boys (23%) , followed by IM/Skype/Whatsapp (Girls: 21%; Boys: 14%)

8. Brands take a note
87% of the respondents said that they shop online. Buying electronic gadget was most popular (60%) with boys (65%) & girls (37%).

9. Traditional media still the “Baasha”
Overall, TV and newspapers were the most used means of consuming news (80%) followed by links from friends/ family on Facebook (46%) and online sources (33%)

10. Just another myth: Professional courses losing charm
Professional course was the highest level of education the school students in Chennai wished to attain ( Boy: 44%, Girl: 59%)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Human Resources Head, Tamil Nadu, C Ramkumar says, “GenZ youth of Chennai are socially collaborative, technologically aware and true Digital Natives. Our annual survey of high school children across India helps us understand tomorrow’s professionals and create exciting career and learning opportunities for them”.

About TCS GenZ Survey
TCS GenZ Survey 2015-16 was undertaken during the TCS IT Wiz program, to get a pulse of the digital habits of school students from class 8-12. The survey aims to capture the changing trends of the youth across the Nation with a focus on technology. The objective was to comprehend and compare the digital habits of school students in major and mini metros of India. The TCS GenZ Survey 2015-16 is one of the most comprehensive school level studies of this scale, in India, to capture information access trends, social networking preferences, career interests etc.

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