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We are a dedicated Digital Agency and Experience Design Center of Excellence (COE) to focus on design-led engagements for Life Sciences customers.

Capabilities include Content Development, Creative Design, Digital Production, Design Thinking, User Experience Design, and Usability Testing. The Experience Design COE specializes in human factors-led and patient and HCP-centric design methology, and possesses vast experience in transforming users’ experience with IT solutions used in Life Sciences.

Life Sciences Digital Lab and Design Studio

A state-of-the art Digital Lab and Visual Experience Design Studio set up exclusively for our Life Sciences customers. The Lab is equipped with world-class hardware and software infrastructure to carry out creative design, experience design, and production work.  Besides, the studio provides an ideal creative environment to conduct Design Thinking workshops for customers.

The lab also houses a best-in-class Observation Research facility equipped to conduct Usability testing, including eye tracking studies. The tools include Observation and Analysis software and Adobe Creative Cloud for prototyping.



Design Thinking: Creating Empathetic Solutions in Life Sciences

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