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Vidyut Navelkar

Head, Quantum Computing – Strategy and Consulting

Sridhar CV

Head, Alliances and Ecosystem partnerships, Incubation

Godfrey Mathais

Consultant, Quantum Computing


  • Quantum computing (QC) is not just a theory anymore, nor is it only a part of science fiction. 
  • Amid the emergence of the practical uses of quantum technology, the world’s top information technology companies are not leaving any stone unturned in terms of experimenting and harnessing its power. 
  • As QC gains traction, businesses must adopt a trial-and-error methodology, early on, to determine how the technology could help them improve their computing needs and how quantum security could mitigate risks. 
  • In this white paper, experts explain the uses of quantum computing applications and quantum machine learning across industries, and how businesses can enter the space to experiment in the nascent stages.