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Airline operations are complex, siloed, manually driven and lacking collaboration. This leads to the absence of a holistic view and suboptimal decisions causing inefficiencies, heavy costs and customer dissatisfaction. With fast evolving business priorities, operation models and traveler expectations, airlines are well positioned to play a crucial role in shaping nimble digital aviation ecosystems. These ecosystems must foster improved collaboration and interoperability ensuring efficient operations and enriched customer experience in the industry.

TCS Solution

TCS Aviana™, an AI/ML based aviation solution suite, enables connected insights and intelligence for comprehensive operations visibility, digital collaboration and augmented decisions. It comprises of:

New Core Platform: Enables near real-time, unified and connected view of operations to augment optimal decisions

Connected Journey Suite: Enables proactive customer engagement and manage service deviations in near real time

Smart Turn: Provides full visibility into aircraft turnaround and identify causalities to improve turnaround efficiency

Smart Maintenance: Forecasts maintenance requirements based on operational intelligence to minimize Aircraft On Ground (AOG)

Resource Uberization: Dynamically allocates resources based on varying operational demands

IOCC Discovery and Resolve: Enables manage by exceptions for OCC to act on right priority


  • Responsive airline operations
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved on time performance
  • Improved productivity
  • Enriched customer experience
  • Improved operational efficiency

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