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The Dawn of the Sustainable Enterprise

At TCS, we believe enterprise will be at the heart of building a more sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming leading industry and celebrity speakers to share their beliefs on how innovation, resilience and lived-experienced can forge a path towards a better future for people and the planet.


As the pandemic forced people into a more virtual way of living and working, organisations recognized that whether it is customers or employees, the human experience is what defines the way we do business. Curating personalized experiences, prioritising wellbeing, and simplifying transactions, are just some of the areas of focus for companies looking to retain a human element in an increasingly digital world. The evolution towards more purpose-led enterprise has further humanized approaches to business.  With organisations adopting technology across all aspects of their business, the future role people play shall be critical in their success. 


The value of innovation has increased exponentially over the decade, from being a problem-solving process to becoming a key enabler of growth. As the pace of change accelerates, organisations are looking to build a culture of innovation to remain agile and transformative in a disruptive world.


There is a shift from organizations focussing on efficiency to also realising the value of resilience. Businesses that are able to respond to new issues and opportunities are able to maintain momentum and growth in more challenging conditions. This means creating resilience-by-design across their operations, whether its supply chain, product development, talent or technology



Speakers at TCS Summit 2022

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