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Building on belief

Building greater futures through innovation and collective knowledge

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses for the past 50 years. We believe innovation and collective knowledge can transform all our futures with greater purpose.

In it for good

We take a long-term view, building relationships that endure, leading to mutual growth and sustainable outcomes.

Bring everything

When you are out to change your world, you need a partner who can combine every resource in their armory with an utter determination to succeed. Ideas magnified and value multiplied, at global scale.


With TCS, you experience certainty. We are a knowledge network of the smartest minds and practitioners who apply concept to context for real outcomes.

Master the journey

Along with certainty, you also need partners who can deal with uncertainty. We provide the agility and continuity you need to navigate perpetual change.

Develop and share access to knowledge

We collaborate and build on knowledge and expertise to improve ourselves and the world we live in.

Adapt how we work and live

We facilitate social mobility, providing individuals with the opportunity to work where and how they want.

Build resilience and grow through change

We navigate & protect against an increasing rate of economic and environmental disruption in order to grow sustainably.

Support inclusion and equality for all

We create equal opportunity by addressing the needs of disadvantaged, marginalized, or underrepresented communities.

Choose how to connect and what to consume

Give individuals greater choice and control over how and where they engage with the world around them. 

Contribute to a net-zero carbon future

Build the sustainable roadmaps across industries and business ecosystems that will lead to a zero-carbon future.

Create stronger, healthier communities

Encourage healthier lives and promote well-being, so that everyone is able to productively contribute to society.

Nurture future generations

Build a more inclusive and secure planet by providing access to knowledge and resources to improve quality of life.

Progress is only possible through real partnership

By working as true partners over the long term, we deliver the most sustainable and successful results.

We are responsible to every life we touch

The work we do makes a difference to the way millions live, work, and play.

The only future is a sustainable future

We have always looked and planned ahead and considered the long-term implications of what we do.

Technology must work for everyone

To be truly transformative, technology must work for everyone, delivering tangible benefits to those who use it daily.

Building belief sustainably

We believe that sustainable roadmaps across industries and ecosystems will lead to a zero carbon future.

Mastering the context

We believe our contextual knowledge and expertise is a differentiating factor in bringing our clients vision to life.

A culture of innovation

We believe that learning and evolving how we deploy new technologies delivers meaningful growth for our clients.


Positioned for long-term sustainable growth

TCS is seen as a benchmark in its outreach to investors, in its transparency and disclosures, publicly communicating its strategy, risks and opportunities, reducing information asymmetries and enabling fair valuation of the stock.

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