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Quartz™ - The Smart Ledgers™

Purpose-driven, meaningful adoption of distributed ledger technology

Blockchain is enabling collaborative industry models as well as enormous opportunities to innovate across the whole economy. At TCS, we demystify blockchain adoption for our customers with our Quartz™ solutions that help organizations across industries create value-based ecosystems by meaningfully leveraging blockchain technologies.

Quartz toolkits and frameworks are built to ensure interoperability on any chain, integration with messaging networks, and co-existence with existing enterprise solutions. 


Quartz Smart Solutions: Business and domain-aware smart contracts

Quartz Ledgers: Pre-defined, off-the-shelf ledger structures, data models, functions, and APIs

Quartz DevKit: Low-code toolkit for rapid deployment and improved productivity

Quartz Gateway & Command Center: Integration and administration of blockchain ecosystems


Complete ecosystem

Facilitates the creation of a complete decentralized ecosystem in a value chain

System integration

Enables existing systems to coexist and integrate with blockchain platforms

Solution design

Developed using a solution design that leverages a unique on-chain/off-chain app

TCS experience

Leverages domain knowledge across blockchain platforms and partner ecosystems



Explore the Quartz reward points program

Based on Quartz’s deployments in remittances, intrabank transfers, and interbank payments, we find that Quartz merits inclusion as a leading cryptonaut.

Senior Analyst, Celent | Mapping the Crypto Galaxy, Part 1: Transaction Banking and Payments


Quartz™ Ranked #1 Best Performing Fraud Management Solution

Quartz™ Ranked #1 Best Performing Fraud Management Solution

uartz™ For Markets Named Best New Post Trade Solution of the Year by Financial Technologi

Quartz™ For Markets Named Best New Post Trade Solution of the Year

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