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TCS TwinX™

Transitioning from experience-based to evidence-based real-time decision making

The business ecosystem today demands enterprises to be agile, resilient, adaptive and encourages transitioning from experience-based to evidence-based real-time decision making. Current experience-led decisioning and implementation techniques are insufficient to drive continuous adaptation in the face of deep uncertainties.

TCS TwinX™ enables organizations to experiment with and evaluate multiple business strategies at scale to view the results prior to real-world execution. Enterprises can leverage what-if and if-what analyses powered by a self-learning controller which enables continuous optimization of the enterprise and allows them to address macro as well as micro trends.


Enables organizations to construct digital twins

Formulates hypotheses and tests outcomes in virtual mode

Enables organizations to analyze, adapt, and transform

Seamless integration with existing business landscape

How we help our clients

Leverage cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence (AI) and actor model of computation

TCS TwinXTM enables organizations to construct their own enterprise digital twins by modelling and experimenting with key enterprise entities including customers, products, processes, and resources. This digital twin-based simulator helps construct hypothesis, model entities and test business decision outcomes in the virtual A/B testing mode, enabling organizations to analyze, adapt and transform themselves towards achieving holistic business goals. The platform creates a virtual and faithful representation of the organization based on key business entities, their interrelationships, and the impact of external forces on them including competitor movement, natural calamities, and unforeseen global emergencies such as the pandemic.

The outcome: An accurate insight into future evolution of enterprise systems based on entities’ behavioral changes and their situational responses. This helps to accurately predict and simulate the future behavior of entities and the system as a whole.

Quick Highlights


Faster time-to-market through virtual testing


Reduced revenue leakage by identifying fraudulent attempts

Customer experience

Enhanced CX through hyper personalization

Decision making

Evidence- and simulation-based business decision making


Faithful replicas of enterprise entities


Simulation of multiple business scenarios


Our Solutions

Helping organizations achieve multiple business benefits.

Currently, approximately 25% - 40% of total customer journeys deviate from the optimum experience path, leading to loss of business opportunities and low net promoter score. To ensure seamless customer journeys without deviations, organizations need to enhance the end-to-end enterprise visibility without disrupting existing operations or incurring heavy transformation spends. 

TCS’ TwinX™ for Customer Journey Optimization (CJOps) is a module of the enterprise digital twin platform which offers a cross-functional and unified view of the entire customer journey. It ensures early identification of journey deviations to enhance the overall customer experience

From communications service providers (CSPs) and network infrastructure vendors to manufacturing and financial organizations, many businesses face challenges in optimizing their products and offers to customer needs. Often, there is a lack of alignment between the customers targeted and the value proposition of the offerings.

TCS TwinX Go-to-Market Maximization helps companies build a digital twin of their customer base and products. Companies can leverage insights gained through simulations to align product and marketing strategies with specific customer segments. This can reduce the cost of acquiring and serving a customer and increase customer lifetime value and repeat business in the long run.

In the digital age, there is a need of intelligence and automation demanded by enterprises across verticals for a consistent growth of business and revenue. TCS TwinX leverages technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin to envision, experiment and execute business decisions through simulations. By creating virtual representation of key business entities of organization and their interrelationships, TwinX offers business users with an unassisted advisory recommendations and suggestions for their organization’s growth and transformation thus helping them becoming ‘trusted advisors’ to their customers and prospects.

Modern-day customers, be it individual mobile subscribers or enterprises, demand great speed, exhaustive coverage, world-class service availability, and affordable prices from communication service providers worldwide. To meet the ever-expanding customer expectations in this new digital age, telecoms are investing heavily in building their network infrastructure for enabling better and more reliable customer services; however, the number of barriers to implementation has also increased.

TCS’ TwinX™ offers advanced analytics that helps resolve network rollout-related overruns and delays by providing a single source of truth, proactive recommendations on deviations and facilitates a risk-free experimentation environment for enabling evidence-based decision-making in planning and execution. The solution minimizes rollout time, reduces the required capital expenditure for telecoms, and improves revenue realization.

The supply chain network has clearly emerged as a critical function for a company to realize the business aspirations and leadership. They are highly complex systems operating in highly dynamic business environments and working towards collective business goals.  

TCS TwinXTM for Supply Chain Network Optimization enables organizations to construct their own enterprise digital twins by modeling key enterprise entities of the supply chain including customers, products, processes, networks, and resources. This digital twin provides a simulation engine that helps construct hypotheses, model entities, and test business decision outcomes in the virtual A/B testing mode. This enables organizations to analyze, adapt and, transform themselves toward achieving holistic business goals and help in building resilient supply chains.

The threat of climate change has become extremely critical for any industry to ignore. Despite tracking scope emission & their respective sources, the path of profitable sustainability is still unclear which is where the digital twin solution can be leveraged to enable risk-free experimentation around new sustainability initiatives.

TCS TwinXTM for Emissions Optimization is an effective tool to enable businesses in their net zero emission journey. Organizations are leveraging TCS TwinX for Emissions Optimization to test their strategies around sustainability, refine the investment plans & understand Human - Carbon interactions on how to nudge its end customers to take up greener energy alternatives.

As a people-focused business, we are fully committed to bringing valuable connections to our customers through technology innovations and providing best-in-class services and products.

Operations Director, Technology Build – Fixed Network, VodafoneZiggo

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