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TCS follows the Tata group philosophy of building sustainable businesses that are rooted in the community and demonstrate care for the environment. Corporate sustainability is folded into our triple bottom line focus of people, planet, and purpose. Our thrust is on reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energies, and focusing on a regenerative approach to business. How do we enable this? By creating a greater consciousness of the environment we live in through collaborations with our employees, suppliers, customers, and the community at large.



Our vision

How we approach the triple bottom line

Our vision is to empower communities by connecting people to opportunities in the digital economy. We build inclusive, equitable, and sustainable pathways for all, with a special focus on youth, women, and marginalized communities. We also recognize that at an organizational level diversity is power. We believe every TCS employee has the ability to contribute to building greater futures for our teams, clients, and society. This is reflected in our employee diversity, and our employee leadership and well-being programs

Business sustainability is linked to the planet’s sustainability. Together with our employees, shareholders, suppliers, clients, and the youth in the community, we drive accelerated action toward climate change mitigation, achieving carbon neutrality, and natural resource preservation. Read our annual report.

No single organization can create a sustainable future. Sustainability is nurtured within an ecosystem. We engage with clients and partners to help shape their journeys to more sustainable and future-fit businesses that thrive within an ecosystem. Our co-innovation network that comprises academia, startups, and business partners, focuses on social innovation and sustainability initiatives that impact people at the grassroots. Here’s our full suite of services to help you meet your sustainability goals

Vision 25x25

UN-hosted Health Innovation Exchange

Enabled and empowered

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Helping industry respond to the pandemic


Prior years’ sustainability reports


TCS Corporate Sustainability Report 2012-13 


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TCS Corporate Sustainability Report 2016-17


TCS Corporate Sustainability Report 2017-18


TCS Corporate Sustainability Report 2018-19

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