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Businesses need to regularly upgrade subscriber data, devices, and services

Subscription businesses face a host of challenges, including fraud, lost sales, missed invoicing, billing discrepancies, disputes, and an increased risk of revenue leakage due to outdated infrastructure and data.

TCS HOBS delivers engineered experiences that are designed to solve real-world business problems and optimize ecosystem experiences.


Subscription suite for adaptive customer journeys

Product suite for simplified product bundling

Device suite for the lifecycle management of all devices

Automated dealer and inventory fraud detection


Optimize experiences

Engineer experiences to optimize stakeholder interactions

Product bundling

Drive mass personalization with flexible product bundling

Need-based selling

Enable need-based selling backed with a recommendation engine

Lower costs

Lower operational costs with a centralized catalog

Upgrading to next-gen HOBS 8.2 helped improve operational efficiencies.

IT Head, Eastern Communications

Create engineered experiences

Let’s collaborate to improve stakeholder experiences in your subscription business.

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