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Our Thought Leadership Institute



TCS Global Cloud Study - Launching June 2023

TCS Retail Consumer Survey

Surprising opportunities await retailers despite forecasts of a challenging economic cycle, according to the TCS 2023 Retail Survey.

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TCS Risk & Cybersecurity Study

Amid an upsurge in sophisticated cyberattacks, how are C-suite leaders preparing their defenses?

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TCS Global Leadership Study

The study investigates: What will be more important—innovation or optimization?

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TCS Global Financial Leadership Study

Why finance must strengthen financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to support strategic leadership

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Risk & cybersecurity: BFSI study

Risk & cybersecurity: CMI study

Risk & cybersecurity: BFSI study

Risk & cybersecurity: CMI study

Businesses today compete more than ever before on their ideas, so global decision makers increasingly rely on strong thought leadership to achieve their strategic goals.

Global Head, TCS Thought Leadership Institute

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