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Upgrades professionals’ skills to improve employability

Immersive learning ecosystems supported by customized learning programs

Enables intuitive learning supported by a library of digital content

Learners learn at their own pace and convenience, through multiple devices

Suited to all the phases of the corporate learning life cycle


Professionals need to continuously upgrade their skills to enhance performance and improve employability.

As a result, corporates are looking to deploy immersive learning ecosystems supported by the five essential blocks of people, content, technology, data, and governance, and introduce customized learning programs and products suited to the requirements of each learner. 

TCS Corporate Digital Academy is a corporate skilling and digital learning solution that allows corporates to provide an immersive learning experience to employees, in line with the technology trends. Embedded with artificial intelligence (AI), the solution enables intuitive and personalized learning supported by a library of digital content which learners can explore at their own pace and convenience, through multiple devices.

How TCS can help

TCS Corporate Digital Academy offers upskilling programs for employees.

Corporates are sharpening the focus on lifelong learning and skill upgrades for their employees. To ensure faster adoption of products, employees need comprehensive training on product features and usage. Corporates face challenges in training geographically scattered employees and addressing skill gaps, which limits resource availability. Further, corporate L&D managers constantly need the latest functionalities and features of advanced learning tools and technologies, such as new generation learning management systems, augmented reality, and virtual reality, to deliver immersive learning experiences. With the evolution of content, corporate L&D teams require custom content that is often limited due to the absence of data to make learning more personalized and performance oriented.

TCS Corporate Digital Academy offers upskilling programs for employees suited to all the phases of the corporate learning life cycle.

What we offer

TCS Corporate Digital Academy offers the following:

Design, build, and implement the corporate learning platform services and programs across all steps, such as setting strategy and objectives, product roadmap, platform design or selection, PR and marketing plan, and enrollment promotion plan.

Leverage all corporate learning data for continuous improvement and implement data-driven performance management for corporate learning. Provide employee engagement service in a data-driven environment for upskilling employee performance.

Enable upskilling of large-scale personnel, groups of corporate clients, their partners and customers, and people who are already ahead in their careers or starting their careers.

Choose from select digital transformation courses, customized to client needs or co-developed with TCS partners if needed. 

How you benefit

With TCS’ solution, corporates can:


  • Drive learner engagement: Engage learners as partners in learning to improve enrollments, progression, and completion of corporate training, impacting employee ability and employment sustainability. 

  • Improve the RoI on upskilling: Grow the scale and efficiency of upskilling programs to improve learners' completion rate and satisfaction for an improved return on investment on upskilling. 

  • Enable ESG impact through education: Leverage corporate upskilling as an environment, society, and governance (ESG) investment, enabling upskilling of diverse group of learners at a large scale to provide ESG impact.

  • Boost business development: Equip customer and partner employees with advanced skills and knowledge as per industry trends and domain.

  • Optimize costs: Enable cost optimization of existing large-scale digital training programs through our specialized services made available through cloud solutions as well as offshoring technical services.

Why TCS:

By partnering with TCS, corporates can take advantage of the following differentiators:

  • Domain experience: TCS has invested heavily in training and education, harnessing digital technologies to transform the education domain. Leveraging our in-house expertise and leading industry and university partnerships, TCS Corporate Digital Academy delivers best-in-class upskilling solutions for corporate clients.

  • Proven expertise: Our interaction and collaboration with technology partners and other learning platforms for end-to-end service delivery has helped unlock tremendous learning opportunities. We have deep contextual knowledge and extensive experience in driving digital transformation across industries. 

  • Research focus: TCS has partnered with over 180 universities across the globe as part of the TCS Co-Innovation Network (TCS COIN™), which helps us continuously build the future of education and research. Technology innovation is the core strength of TCS which helps our customers overcome business challenges, lead large-scale transformations, and create exponential value for their businesses.

  • Technology leadership: TCS has invested in creating centers of excellence across all technology and products to allow our customers to leverage the TCS leadership in multiple domains to gain the best practices adopted across key market segments.

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