goIT - Student Technology Awareness Program


While the demand for IT workers has been on the rise every year for the last decade, the number of students graduating with computer related degrees has decreased significantly. To address this trend TCS has begun a student technology awareness program named goIT.

GoIT - Student Technology Summer Camp
Over the past decade, university enrollment in IT-related fields has decreased by over 60%, leaving companies to invest more and more resources into recruiting qualified candidates to fill IT positions. These positions are numerous too: over 750,000 tech jobs are projected to be created from 2010–2020.

TCS' goIT program provides students with in-school IT career workshops, in-school technology awareness workshops and a three-day hands-on technical summer camp aimed at getting students interested in IT careers.

“Getting today’s generation of learners excited about science and technology is critical to our nation’s future competitiveness on the world stage and programs like TCS’ goIT are an extremely valuable contribution to this goal.”
- Santa Jeremy Ono, PhD, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Cincinnati

Program Highlights

  • Collaborate in team activities
  • Learn new technologies
  • Discover career opportunities
  • Participate in technical workshops
  • Interact with IT professionals
  • Compete in robot challenges

Download Brochures: goIT Program, Cincinnati | goIT Program, Columbus | goIT Program, Midland 

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