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TCS InTwin™: Industrial AI at Scale

AI-enabled digital twins for efficient, agile and sustainable plants


The Challenge

In recent years, industrial assets and plants across organizations are becoming increasingly digitalized. They generate large amounts of data that can be turned into actionable insights, to improve their operations and maintenance. Yet, many fail to tap the full potential of legacy data to improve their operations.

Thus, organizations need to adopt AI, machine learning and digital twin technologies to drive better products, optimize operations and costs, and achieve efficiency and sustainability goals.

TCS Solution

TCS’ InTwin TM is a customized AI-powered platform which enables organizations to accelerate development and deployment of digital solutions. It unlocks the power of knowledge, data and engineering sciences to make industrial plants intelligent, responsive and future-ready.

This platform brings together all core elements required to build intelligent digital twins of the plants, systems, and processes, by leveraging digitally captured domain knowledge and advanced industry-specific AI algorithms and physics models.

The built-in capability of the platform helps organizations to create and deploy applications that make industrial operations predictive, prescriptive and self-aware at pace, enabling them to reduce operations and maintenance costs, improve product quality, reduce emissions, derive additional revenue via increased throughput, and make production lines agile and safer.


TCS’ InTwin solution helps organizations experience the following benefits:

  • Enable self-healing digital twins to ensure seamless business continuity
  • Achieve up to 50% reduction in time-to-build and 3x faster time-to-scale
  • Unlock the advantage of over 50 patents to build industrial AI applications
  • Reduce calibration time of equipment by up to 30%
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs by 10%
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and optimize operational performance by 10%
  • Enable safe and sustainable operations complying with industry standards
  • Improve operations flexibility and reliability


Advanced Engineering Analytics and Digital Twins

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